MyWGU Community Tools and Rules

Welcome to the MyWGU community tour! Use this tour to get a step-by-step view of some of the things you can do in your communities.

When you first log into your communities, the home page offers links to places where you can dive in. By default the changed items are listed with the most recent first. Use the document type icons, titles, and change age (“3 hours ago”) to decide if there’s anything of interest for you here at the top level.


The content type icons are your first clues as to the kinds of content you’ll find and create. You will learn more about the types later in this tour. From the home page you can also get a feel for how you can find content. For example, through the sections on the home page you can browse by community, browse by content types or browse by tags (more about tags later, too).

Also, notice that menu bar near the top of the page. It is available on all the other pages, too. Use it to:

After you have gotten to know what is inside pretty well, use the Your View link at the top of the ‘What’s New’ box to choose which content you want to appear here.

Accessing Your MyWGU Learning Communities and Program Communities

There are two types of communities that will be available for you. Your “Learning Communities” are aligned to domains and/or sub-domains in which you will have to demonstrate competence which are, in turn, aligned to assessments within your Academic Action Plan (AAP). You will only see those learning communities that are aligned to assessments that are available in your current term in the AAP and any additional communities into which your mentor manually enrolls you. You will also see the Program Community that is aligned to your program of study.

Your WGU communities will appear on the left side of your MyWGU Communities page. You access the communities by clicking on the name of the community.


Browsing Your Communities

Your communities will have two tabs. The Overview tab gives you a view of the community announcements, popular discussions, recent discussions, and quick access to the community mentor and other links.


Communicating with the Mentor and Other Students in the Community

In order to communicate using instant messaging and chat you will have to download MyWGU Messenger.

  1. Go to the one of the following websites to begin the download process. It may take as long as five minutes to download. The name of the IM client is “MyWGU Messenger”.
    Mac OSX:
  2. You will then be prompted to “run” the installation.
  3. You will get a box that shows “Welcome to the MyWGU Messenger Setup Wizard”. Just click “next” to continue.
  4. You will then be prompted through a series of set-up questions. You can simply use the defaults by choosing “next” to continue.
  5. At the end you can choose to “run” MyWGU Messenger. When you do, you will receive the following:

  6. Click to login

Contacting Your Community Mentor

You can communicate with your mentor during office hours or whenever she or he is present in the community.


live-online The “contact a mentor” icon will appear like this if the mentor is available for an instant messaging session. Click on the icon and you will be prompted to complete a short form that will place you in queue to speak with your mentor. It is important that you include your full name and use your email address. This information will allow the mentor to file notes about your conversation in your Academic Action Plan.


live-offline If the community mentor is not available, the icon will appear like this and you can click on the icon to send an email message to the community mentor.

Quick Links


The quick links provide access to:

Community Content that is Focused on the Development of Competencies

Replying to a Discussion Thread

You can view all of the threaded discussions contained in your community by clicking on the “All Content” tab.


The All Content tab contains the announcements and threaded discussions. As a student, you do not have the ability to start a new discussion but you can reply to threads that have been posted by the community mentor. Replying to a threaded discussion is simple.

Step 1: Choose the subject to which you are going to reply.


Step 2: When you click on the subject, a new window will open.


Click on the reply button and a new window will open.

Step 3: Enter your reply in the text box and click on the ‘post message’ button.


MyWGU Community Rules

Purpose of the WGU Communities

Welcome to the WGU Communities! The focus of the WGU communities is to encourage the development of competence, academic progress, and relationships with peers and mentors as students engage in small group collaborative learning. Mentors who are facilitating these communities will provide academic help by directing the student to learning resources and encouraging collaborative work through the use of, discussion threads scheduled chats, instant messaging, and office hours. Please note that if the student requires a referral for one-on-one tutoring, the interpretation of assessment results, or additional guidance interpreting assessment directions, the student should connect with the Mentor for additional support.

Community Rules

  1. Be respectful
    Occasionally there will be a differing of opinions. It is possible to disagree while maintaining respect. Disputes that cannot be resolved between students will be moderated by the mentor who is leading the community.
  2. Post constructive comments
    When responding to others, the student’s response should facilitate the discussion of the topic and be constructive. Prior to responding to a heated discussion, it may be prudent to wait 24 hours prior to posting a response to allow some time to think about the topic or issue in more detail.
  3. Engage in fitting dialogue
    Prohibitive language, such as rants that are filled with angry and hostile language, is not allowed. The goal of the WGU communities is to promote a pleasant and safe place for students to get help with their academic studies. Rants are disruptive and instigate more ranting.
  4. Reply with relevant and suitable language
    All posts should be relevant to the community. Posts that have no substance and may be obscene or vulgar in content are considered to be spam. Community members should not post content that is illegal or offensive to other community members.
  5. Use appropriate language always
    Profanity is prohibited and will be removed from discussion threads.
  6. Helpful replies provide students guidance without sharing specific details about assessments
    Posting assessment details in a community is in violation of the Academic Honesty policy, and the post will be removed immediately. The student will be contacted by the community mentor.

Students’ replies to discussion threads that violate any of these community rules will result in the student being contacted by the community mentor via email or phone to discuss any issues .The post will then be removed from the community, and the student will be given a warning. Subsequent violations of these rules will lead to restricted participation in the community through view-only access. Continual harassment of community members will result in suspension from WGU.